Lucid Dreams




23. Juli 2018


black and white photography, Fashion, fineart

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“Lucid Dreams” is my graduation work, and got me the Meister in photography.

It is all about the talented designer Lorand Lajos and his work. I portrayed him, photographed some of his works and made a fahion series with his haute couture.

The Storyline is a girl having a lucid dream. In the beginning she has a nightmare. Then, slowly she realizes that she is dreaming. In the end she can controll her dream and levitates in a white feather dress.

I am very thankful for the amazing team that supported me:

Lorand Lajos – Haute Couture

Lisa Geller – Co. Creative Directing

Nina Grehl – Assistant

Felix Niederleitner – Styling and Make up

Sara Maricevic – Model from Talents Models GmbH


Also big thaks to the deutsche Meisterschule für Mode. They let me photograph in their beautiful school building and supported me all the way!

Last but not least, a lot of thanks and love to all the people who had my back when I was in need of encouraging words and private support. You meant the world to me in those stressful exam times!